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Everyone deserves a healthy life

KISS campaign promotes healthy sexual lifestyles for all sub-populations in Nigeria, by providing correct information on HIV and other STIs prevention, treatment and care services.

Problem Statement

Globally HIV epidemic remains a public health issue. Nigeria, with the second highest HIV burden recently adopted the new HIV prevention methods-pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post exposure, prophylaxis (PEP) and HIV self-testing (HIVST). However, there is low awareness and knowledge of these methods/commodities among all target population in the country, which has negatively impacted on their use.


KISS campaign will provide correct information on the new HIV prevention methods/commodities to increase awareness and knowledge among Nigerians, which will engender increased use of the commodities. The campaign will also facilitate linkages of individuals to point of care, especially at the One Stop Shops (OSS) for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) prevention, treatment, care and support services across Nigeria.

Outcomes/ Impact

KISS envisages the following outcomes/impact• Increased awareness and knowledge on HIV prevention methods/commodities• Increased uptake of HIV prevention and treatment services• Contribute to national target of reducing new HIV incidences in Nigeria• Contribute to the global target of eliminating HIV/AIDS as a public health epidemic by 2030.
National HIV response data

National HIV Prevalence

Facts about HIV Prevalence in Nigeria.

Adult (15-64 years)
0 %
Women (15-64 years)
0 %
Men (15-64 years)
0 %
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Confidential sexual health services

KISS offers confidential counselling on sexual and reproductive health issues; screening, treatment, care and support services for HIV and other STIs including cervical cancer, genital and anal warts, and hepatitis, at the Heartland Alliance LTD/Guarantee (HALG)-managed OSS

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